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The Paper Tiger Sinks His Teeth Into the Competition at the Dive!

The Paper Tiger (extreme close up at right) had been on a bit of a cold streak to start off the 2010 season.  But that all changed at the Dive last night, as he stalked his prey and attacked them all with vicious strategy and deadly dexterity.  His last victim on the night was Harper Lee, who was practically eaten alive in the Championship match, going down in three straight sets to give Paper... read more

Blacksmith’s Apron Gets Win #2 This Week at The Dive!

It was a good week for Blacksmith’s Apron already after Enrico Pallatzo won on Tuesday.  But a good week got even better, as newest member Omar’s Pompador (at right, middle) finished his training and came out to play for the first time this season.  He made it to the finals to face the Scissors Blizzard of the Majestic 12.  In the finals The Scissors Blizzard was getting smoked, had a... read more

Tap Rack Bang Overcomes Early Fouls to Win at the Dive!

It took rookie player Tap Rack Bang (at right, being naughty) a little while to shake off the rookie jitters in her first few professional matches (and missing the announcing of the rules probably played a part in this as well) - but despite several red cards she still proceeded to win in rounds 1 (in fact the only points B-Pac scored were by technicallity) & 2.  By round 3 it was clear, red... read more

Rumor: 2nd Floor of the Dive to Go Smoke Free!

The PBRPRPSCLCS’s oldest home, the Dive, which has hosted on Thursdays every season since the inception of the league in 2006,  has decided to go smoke-free on the 2nd floor starting the end of this week according to the rumor the PBRPRPSCLCS is hearing on the street. Those who long complained that this venue should be removed from the host rotation due to smokiness will be happy to hear that... read more

Denominator Wins First Ever Title at The Dive!

It’s been a long time coming, but the Denominator (coach of the Dirty Dozen)took home the title of PBRPRPSCLCS champion for the first time in his career at the January off-season tourney held at the Dive.  After defeating Grundle Gripper in  a rare “teammates” final four, it was on to meet the heavily favored 2009 PBRPRPSCLCS Rookie of the Year, Dr. Hambone.  To the... read more
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