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Billy Shears Wins and Really Knows How to Celebrate!

The Majestic 12 have done pretty good all season, but really step it up at the Dive on Thursdays.  With 4 players, they again almost pulled off a perfect team score for the night racking up 22 out of a possible 24.  The finals were Loomer Vs. Billy Shears for the 2nd time this season.  Mr. Shears got his revenge for the tough loss last time – only the 2nd time Loomer has ever lost in a... read more

Majestic 12 Sweep at the The Dive and Love Team Pictures!

The Majestic 12 (above – member The Fighting Mongooses missing from photo) swept the prizes on the night at the Dive – led by two of their founding members – Billy Shearz (holding many Pabst Blue Ribbons) and Vertical Paper (holding fat street RPS wad).  It was four-year RPS vets all around at the end, as Billy Shears went Paper to Paper with Frankie13 in the finals.  Frankie... read more

Dr. Hambone Sweeps at The Dive!

Dr. Hambone (above with Pabst Blue Ribbon) needed a little confidence boost this 2009 Rock Paper Scissors season.  He had yet to win a match in his first four attempts, but once he got started he couldn’t be stopped at the Dive.   He rolled into the finals for an appointment with his teammate B-Pac, who he took down by a count of 3 matches to 2 with almost surgical precision.  But he... read more

Loomer Sets New Record For Career Victories at the Dive! Majestic 12 Nearly Produces Perfect Team Score!

It was an all-MJ 12 final four on their home turf at the Dive.  That’s three of them that made it in that blurry picture up there (I’ll fix those camera settings this weekend probably) without Grim Trigger but with Sizz Blizz (being held), who was  the only MJ-12 member not in the final 4 on the night. The finals were between Loomer and Billy Shearz and it was a tight match,... read more

Gaithersburg Maryland and Friends Beat Up on Philly in Philly Again

Hey – remember when the Paper Cut Posse (now Spicy Brown) lost two of their players to Gaithersburg, Maryland?  You know, the same Gaithersburg that came up and won both Pabst Blue Ribbon Rock Paper Scissors Keystone Classics right here in Philadelphia back in 2005 & 2006?  Yeah, well J. Martin Hill came back from Gaithersburg for the Emergency April tournament, brought some friends and... read more
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