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Emergency Tournament at the Dive Friday April 10th!

This just in – April Tournament version 2.0 will take place on the second floor of the Dive on Friday, April 10th.  We understand that this is just one days notice, but with the 2009 PBRPRPSCLCS coming up all local players should be prepared to stop what they are doing at all times to play Rock Paper Scissors and enjoy the lovely combination of Pabst Blue Ribbon and Jim Beam. $3... read more

Someone Who Likes Maple Syrup Somewhere Pours It On at The Dive

The finals for the final tournament of 2008 made the crowd as well as the announcer happy, as their two favorite names on the night – That’s What She Said and Maple Syrup on my Di*k – battled it out for the championship.  Maple Syrup on my Di*k (above left with RPS colleague B Crunk) finally pulled out (That’s what she said! – Ed.) an exhausting and sticky... read more

Fett’s Vette Rolls to Victory in October – World Championships Ahoy?

Fett’s Vette (file photo above – 5/08 – missing current playing glove) ran down all the other competitors in October – finally holding on to a slim lead to squeak past Posthumyn at the finish line on the last throw of the 5th and final set with everything tied up.  It is unclear at this time if Fette’s Vette will let this momentum drive him to attend the World... read more

Rowdy Randy Piper Delivers Devestating Running Powerslam-like Strategy Against Runs With Scissors in September at the Dive!

Rowdy Randy Piper (pictured with his dog – Triple Iron Ric the Giant Shiek) came down hard on rookie Runs With Scissors at the Dive in September.  He unleashed his trademark Scottish Rage to take a win by the count of 3 matches to 1 in the championship round much to the delight of his manager, Miss Whitcakes.  Despite the embarrassing loss, it was a good debut for Runs With Scissors, who has... read more

Jake Falkinburg gets (B) Cruncked at the Dive

B Crunck (above, with Bob Loblaw) took down Jake Falkinburg in the last regular season at the Dive.  Would B Crunck do as 2007 Champion Baconshark and use that momentum to roll all the way to the City League title?  this question went unanswered as B Crunck, due to what can only be other obligations, was unable to attend the Championships.  PJ Rhymeswithsausage had an outside chance at total... read more
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