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A Blizzard Hits the Dive!

A storm was brewing at the Dive last night as the masked and almost mysterious (if not for the fact that it said “Scissors Blizzard” on the back of his shirt) Las Tijeras de Blizzard blew in and met up with Majestic 12 teammate Hulk Hoagie (above, sad)  in the finals.  Las Tijeras de Blizzard froze up the Hoag with a flurry of winning throws in the Championship match and left a... read more

PJ RhymeswithSausage Wins SausageFest 2008!

PJ Rhymeswithsausage won at the Dive, on a strange almost female-free night when the PBRPRPSCLCS set a record for fewest female competitors by far with 1. PJ Rhymeswithsausage took out Hulk Hoagie in the finals of the Majestic 12’s One More Hoag squad in a match that went down to the wire in the 5th set. If not for Baconshark’s last throw loss at the Khyber on Monday, it would have been a... read more

Miss C.L. Smooth Levels the Playing Field at the Dive!

Friend of the Majestic 12 Miss C.L. Smooth (above, left) ironed out her strategies and then settled who was the Champ at the Dive by taking down Sean G from Team Voltron Defender of the Universe in a five match set that was decided on the last throw.  After her win Miss C.L. Smooth remained effortlessly gracious and tactful in social manner, which led to many of the spectators on hand wondering if... read more

Fett’s Vette Runs Over Casshole at the Dive!

Fett’s Vette (above) pulled into the Dive on Thursday in his first City League appearance and put the petal to the metal, burning rubber all the way to the finals.  In the finals he met up with Casshole, who had taken 2 of the last 4 tournaments at the Dive (including off-season).  But Casshole stunk it up in the finals while Fett’s Vette cruised to an easy victory by a count of 3... read more

Loomer and Majestic 12 Continue Early Season Domination!

Loomer (above, with Pabst Blue Ribbon) of the Majestic 12 took his 2nd Rock Paper Scissors title of the year at the Dive, knocking off Majestic 12 sympathiser Rowdy Randy Piper (who apparently is a combination of Macho Man Randy Savage and Rowdy Roddy Piper) in a down to the last throw in the last set thriller of a match.  Loomer has, as of press time,  now extended his lead in total points by... read more
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