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Nice little article by Danny Awesome!/This Barack is a Hope Bomb/This Rock is a Pipe Bomb/Danny Taser/World’s Worst RPS Referee on “Underground” Philly Sports!

A mostly retired player with many former names (pictured above during the 2007 season) has written a nice little piece f0r Phillymag regarding the (quote-unquote) underground sports scene here in the RPS capital of the country, Philadelphia.  I like how he listed RPS a little down the list so as not to show his obvious preference. You can read it... read more

Now Everyone Has Had a Nice, Long RPS Break…

Now that the PBRPRPSCLCS has returned to the office following the usual late fall/early winter sabbatical that we employees swear every year we aren’t going to take but always do, it’s time to return to business.  And by business, of course, we mean Rock Paper Scissors. There will be some announcements soon about upcoming tournaments.  And there’s some season or something... read more

Some Guy Named Bryan is Etching Things of Places

Recognize this place? Looks like a guy somewhere in upstate New York has started a site about the etchings of cities that he does on Etch-A-Sketch machines.  You can go check it out if you want (you should want) over here.  The Philadelphia one is looking pretty good so far and there’s some nice work of other cities who aren’t good at RPS but have more robots, like Chicago. ... read more

Von Damonator One of the Artists Featured in New Off The Wall Gallery Display at Dirty Franks! Opening Reception Tonight!

2010 Monday night referee, four year Philly player, and one time World Championship competitor Von Damonator is one of the artists that will be featured in the new stuff at the Off the Wall Gallery portion of Dirty Franks.  The opening reception is tonight from 7-10, so stop by and check it out.  You may see a few familiar faces there (all the PBRPRPSCLCS regular season refs will be on hand at... read more

We Should All Check More Often I Guess

Who knew they had such awesome polls. read more
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