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Hipster Thrifter Scores Sweet Deal In All Package Finals At Murphs!

With the first week of the 2016 PBRPRPSCLCS Season in the books, David Bowie’s Package found themselves in an unlikely position which is first place for team points. They could partially credit their success to the forfeiting of points by other teams when they created players created a one day super team last Wednesday which allowed The Package to edge out the next closest team by just a few... read more

Things Get Hot For Big Daddy Streetbucks At The Boyler Room!

On Thursday night we headed out to The Boyler Room to close out the first official week of the 2016 season. After the exciting one day team shakeup on Wednesday night it seemed that there were some permanent team moves that took place. After taking home the Rookie of the Year prize last season as part of the Scissoring Bobcat Consortium, The Crazy Cat Lady switched up her team affiliation and made her... read more

Things Get Chronically Awesome In The First Week At Raven Lounge!

The Raven Lounge did not disappoint when we headed there Wednesday to continue to opening week of the 2016 PBRPRPSCLCS. As usual the Pabst Blue Ribbons were flowing, shots of Jim Beam were finding homes in eager bellies, and the bartender was as excited as ever. Apperently, it was also some kind of holiday as well, though we here at the PBRPRPSCLCS are not familiar with it, and some players from all... read more

Hellcat Wins Big As M.T.W. Gets First Team Sweep In 2016 At Franks!

Week one of the 2016 PBRPRPSCLCS continued on Tuesday night at Dirty Franks and there was a lot of new talent in the building to give the veteran players a run for their money. One of the more interesting new teams to enter the fray last night was Team Fart, who quickly became fan favorites of some of our more low brow players and it was easy to hear the Team Fart chants as their members completed... read more

Big Daddy Streetbucks Finds Victory In 2016 Season Opener At Murphs!

The 2016 PBRPRPSCLCS Season kicked off on Monday night at Murphs Bar with the level of excitement you would expect after waiting 9 months since the last Championships. There were some changes in teams, most notably with Big Daddy Streetbucks forming the Bald and the Beautiful, but overall the rosters remained fairly unchanged. One change that did happen was a new rule that was put into effect limiting the... read more
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