RPS Links
Home of the World Rock Paper Scissors Society, the governing body of the sport throughout the world.

Team David Bowie’s Package Online
Updates from the most successful team in the Philadelphia region, having won 3 out of 5 Philadelphia titles.

The Paper Cut Posse Team Page
The original Philadelphia-area team blog. It hasn’t been updated since 2008.

The Official RPS Strategy Guide
A must-have for any RPS professional, wannabe, or has-been.

Rock Paper Scissors: The Documentary
Mike McKeown’s epic film that traces the rise and, well, what happens after that of the World RPS Society and the two finest players in the world.  Also available to rent or download on iTunes.

The Norwegian Rock Paper Scissors Society
The sister league of the PBRPRPSCLCS, although with players who aren’t quite as good.

The Australian RPS Championships
Annual tournament to crown the best RPS player on the island.  RPSOZ president Custardchuk graciously steps aside to give his fellow countrymen and women a fighting chance.